About US

Karlian Insist

- Our company insists that our products and our renown and professional floor installers have to fulfill customers' needs. Therefore, our products and services should always exceed our clients' expectations.
- We also assure that our products must fulfill either European or locally recognized public health and safety standard.
- To ensure the best quality materials and products along the supply chain, we perform routine visits to the factory, warehouses, and the final installation sites.

Karlian Future

- We understand that our reputation is built upon our long successful track record. Praise and recognition from our clients are our biggest rewards.
- Throughout sixteen years of development, the Karlian team gradually grew and matured. Every team member works with great enthusiasm and will always serve our customers with specialist knowledge
- We thank all our new and existing customers and friends. All your support reinforces our beliefs and practices in:
1. Selecting and providing wide range of quality products
2. Providing close, reliable, and professional services
3. Building honest and trustworthy services with all our customers


We constantly work with our suppliers in providing up-to-date product information and reduce delivery time of all our products, by doing so will also make sure our customers would have the widest range of top quality products while keeping price at a reasonable and acceptable level.